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ISBN 0080401740
Pages 3206

These 6 volumes provide a general overview on the state-of-the-art and future developments in automation and control. The application of systems and control in all areas are covered, from the social and cultural effects of control, to control in mineral and metal processing. This set will be an invaluable source of information to all those interested in the areas of automation and control.

Subject areas by volume: Volume I: Plenary papers. Industrial problems. Large scale systems. Linear systems theory. Volume II: Stochastic control and state estimation. Modelling and identification. Biomedical engineering. Adaptive control. Volume III: Automatic control in aerospace. Robust control. Nonlinear control. Control applications of optimization. Distributed parameter systems. Theory of discrete event systems. Volume IV: Application of artificial intelligence and expert systems of automatic control. Distributed computer control systems. Artificial intelligence in real-time control. Software engineering for real-time control. Industrial applications of modern control methods. Control of cars, ships and engines. Intelligent components and instruments for automatic control. Control of electrical drives and power electronics. Control system elements. Volume V: Automatic control in manufacturing. Robot control. Industrial systems engineering. Computer-aided control system analysis and design. Man-machine systems. Control of transportation systems. Water resources and environmental systems planning. Volume VI: Control of electric generating plants and power systems. Control in mineral, mining and metal processing. Control of chemical processes and processes for natural products like food, wood, agriculture. Control system approach to development. Strategic planning of energy systems. Modelling, control and decision making in socio-economic systems. Automatic control education. Social and cultural aspects of automation. Improving international stability. Series: Automatic Control 1990