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Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles

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Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles

CR Robertson

ISBN 0750651458
Pages 464

Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles covers the essential principles that form the foundations for electrical and electronic engineering courses, and provides the underpinning knowledge needed by a wide range of technician engineers. The text uses analogies to help students build their understanding of key topics, and encourages a methodical and logical approach to problem solving and written work. No prior knowledge of the subject is assumed.

Clear explanations are supported throughout with worked examples and assignments (answers provided). New sections of Supplementary Worked Examples have been added in response to feedback from colleges.

This book is an ideal text for a wide range of Further Education courses including City & Guilds certificates and NVQs (levels 2 and 3). The second edition has been matched to the latest specifications for BTEC National (2001/2 draft specifications), and Advanced VCE (GNVQ) Engineering (Curriculum 2000) and includes two brand new chapters on Semiconductor Theory and Devices and Semiconductor Circuits. It is also suitable for Intermediate GNVQ.

First edition published by Arnold as Electrical and Electronic Principles, volume 1.

Preface; Introduction; Fundamentals; D. C. circuits; Electric fields and capacitors; Magnetic fields and circuits; Electromagnetism; Alternating quantities; Single phase a.c. circuits; Control principles; Semiconductor theory and devices; Semiconductor circuits; Answers to assignment questions; Appendix A - S.I. units and quantities; Index.