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Audio and Hi-Fi Handbook

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Audio and Hi-Fi Handbook

Ian Sinclair

ISBN 0750649755
Pages 464

Written by a team of experts and specialist contributors, this comprehensive guide has proved to be an invaluable resource for professional designers and service engineers.

Each chapter is written by a leading author, including Don Aldous, Nick Beer, John Borwick, Dave Berriman, John Linsley Hood, Geoff Lewis and John Watkinson, which provides as wide a perspective as possible on high-quality sound reproduction as well as a wealth of expertise.

The third edition includes new chapters on servicing, Nicam stereo and digital satellite radio. For the first time in paperback, this revised edition features a completely new chapter on the most recent digital developments, CD-R/RW, HDCD, Internet audio, MP3 players and DAM-CD.

Ian Sinclair has written over 140 books on aspects of electronics and computing and has been a regular contributor to the electronics and computing press.

Sound waves and acoustics; Studio acoustics; Microphones; Sound synthesis; Introduction to digital principles; Compact disc technology; Other digital systems (DAT, NICAM, DCC, MD); DVD audio standards; MP3: music on the internet; Nicam and satellite radio; Analogue tape recording; Noise reduction systems; The LP record; Disc reproduction; Tuners and radio receivers; Preamps and inputs voltage amplifiers/controls; Valve amplifiers; Loudspeakers; Loudspeaker enclosures; Headphones; Public address; In-car audio; Servicing; Interconnections; Index.