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Newnes Guide to Television and Video Technology

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Newnes Guide to Television and Video Technology

Eugene Trundle

ISBN 0750648104
Pages 464

A truly accessible guide to TV technology and the Digital revolution.

The third edition of the Newnes Guide to Television & Video Technology is the definitive guide to analogue and digital TV technology. Eugene Trundle explores the fundamentals of Digital TV (satellite, cable and terrestrial) and Digital Video, as well as providing a thorough grounding in analogue systems.

The readable style of this book makes it the first choice for a wide range of readers working in TV manufacturing, broadcasting and retail. It also makes fascinating reading for anyone who wants to discover the technical side of the Digital revolution gain a better understanding of their home video equipment, or simply learn more about how their TV works.

Newnes Guide to Television & Video Technology is essential reading for service engineers and electronic servicing students, and provides an ideal foundation text for the relevant units of City & Guilds 2240, NVQs and the new City & Guilds Progression Awards (6958).

Preface; Basic television; Light and colour; Reading and writing in three colours; The PAL system; Transmission and reception; Colour decoding; TV display systems; The TV receiver; Teletext; PAL-Plus, MAC and enhanced TV; TV sound systems; Digital TV; Satellite TV; Cable TV; Development of video tape recording; Magnetic tape basics and video signals; Video tape: tracks and transport; Signal processing: video; Signal processing: audio; Servo systems and motor drive; System control for VCRs; The complete VCR; Analogue camcorders and home video; Digital tape formats and computer editing; Tape formats compared; DVD players; Care, operation and maintenance; Interconnection and compatibility; Index