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G. Sommer

ISBN 0080363857
Pages 158

An international conference attended by scientists and engineers from six of the world's leading natural producers of minerals and metals. The emphasis is on the application of measurements including problems and their solution, within the gold, platinum and diamond producing industries. There are also papers by researchers from the steel industry which provide a valuable insight into measurement application in metal processing.

Report on the workshop, G Sommer. Measurement of slurry properties and load behaviour in grinding mills, M H Moys. Estimation, by use of a conductivity bolt, of the charge volume and other milling parameters in an operating mill, L A Vermeulen & F A Schakowski. Closed loop media charging of mills based on a smart sensor system, J A Herbst & T L Gabardi. Real-time measurement of the size distribution of rocks on a conveyor belt, T B Lange. Flow measurements in slurry with switched DC-field magflowmeters, W Brobeil. A computer-based automatic flowmeter calibration rig, B E White. Unique conveyor massflow measurement and mass balancing techniques, J H Potieter & I Joseph. A measurement infrastructure for the control of gold leaching and carbon-in-pulp adsorption, D A Vetter & G Q Lyon. The feasibility of on-stream X-ray fluorescence analysis for precious metals, P J Jerman. The feasibility of on-line measurement of the size distribution of a slurry, P de W Mailer. Modern blast furnace instruments, Y Yoshitani. Measurement and control techniques in a basic oxygen furnace, G F Rautenbach. Non-intrusive on-line measurement of mass flow for pneumatically conveyed solids using correlation measuring techniques, T H Boeck. New laser-ultrasonic system for measurement of hot tube blank wall thickness, R Keck. The management of energy in an integrated steel works, D B Cilliers. Conclusion, C G Theron. Author index.