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Inspection of Structural Composites 94

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Inspection of Structural Composites 94

Nader Saffari

ISBN 1 874612 13 7

In bulk form, composites are unlikely to be free of flaws. The ultimate strength of the composite is limited by the presence of flaws that act as weak links. The very characteristics of composites which make them attractive as structural their complex composition create major challenges when inspected for flaws. This volume collates the papers presented at the conference, from experts working on the NDE of composites used in different applications.

Adhesive Joints; Impact Damage; Composite Pressure Vessels; Video Speckle Interferometry; CFC Aircraft Structures; Ultrasonic Inspection; NDE of Filament Wound Tubes; GRP Ships; Eddy Current Inspection; EM Sensing for Life Monitoring; AE Testing of GRP; Ultrasonic Testing of Bonded Structures; Ultrasonic Imaging; Use of Intrinsic Sensors