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Newnes Control Engineering Pocket Book

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Newnes Control Engineering Pocket Book

W. Bolton

ISBN 0750639288
Pages 304

Newnes Control Engineering Pocket Book is a concise reference text for students, technicians and engineers. Control engineering is the foundation on which modern industry is built, but is often viewed as one of the toughest subjects, as it includes abstract ideasand often tough mathematics. This pocket book provides a digest of the full range of topics needed to understand and use control systems theory and engineering.

Bill Bolton is one of the most experienced teachers and authors in the engineering world. This book complements Newnes Instrumentation and Measurement Pocket Book by Bolton. Illustrated throughout and crammed with reference material, no other book covers the basics of control in such a convenient and affordable format.

Preface; Introduction; System models; Dynamic responses; Poles and zeros; Time-domain performance criteria; Frequency-domain response; Stability and the frequency domain; Root locus method; Control system design; Discrete time systems; The z-transform; Computer control systems; State system models; Index.