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Radio Spectrum Conservation

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Radio Spectrum Conservation

William Gosling

ISBN 0750637404
Pages 256

The conservation of the spectrum is one of the key challenges facing radio systems professionals today. It will have an impact on equipment design, system design and communications policy for digital and analog systems in civil and military use, cell phones, private mobile radio, satellite communications and a growing number of other applications.

This concise readable text keeps mathematics to a working minimum, with focus on the practical. It is a companion volume to Gosling's Radio Antennas and Propagation. Professor Gosling distils his experience in industry and teaching to show engineers how to deal with these challenges by describing the process of effective spectrum utilisation, including examination of separation of transmissions by space, time, frequency and sequency. Throughout the book reference is made to real-life examples to illustrate the theory.

William Gosling has spent a lifetime in industry and education, including time as Technical Director of Plessey, President of EUREL (European Convention of Engineering Societies), Past President of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, and Chair of Electronic Engineering at the University of Bath, where he is currently Visiting Professor. He has published eleven books and over fifty scientific papers.

Use of the Radio Spectrum: Demand for the spectrum; Coexistence; Constructive use of a limited resource; Spatial separation; The time domain; The frequency domain; Exploiting time; Trunking and packets; Exploiting time and space; Cellular radio; Transmission orthogonality in the sequency domain (CDMA); The Radio Bands; Summary band by band; ELF, ULF, SLF, VLF, LF, MF, HF, VHF, UHF, SHF, EHF; Conclusion.