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Home Security: Alarm and Sensors 2e

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Home Security: Alarm and Sensors 2e

Vivian Capel

ISBN 0750635460
Pages 192

As crime rates soar every householder looks at ways to protect their home and its contents. This practical guide, in straightforward language, spells out the simple steps you can take to guard your home. It shows how burglars work, and how to thwart them. The selection and installation of alarm systems are described simply. This handy volume may provide the information you need to avoid costly and upsetting break-ins.

As well as describing the bewildering range of security devices on offer, more technical readers may consider their own solutions using descriptions and circuits for two simple tested designs are given, one for the home and one for a foolproof public hall system.

There is a plethora of security devices now on offer. Large sums can be spent on elaborate systems, yet weak links can be left unrecognised - except by the housebreaker! Good independent advice is scarce, as most security firms favour their own products. This book explains the pros and cons of alarm systems, including how to avoid faults, and find them if they occur. `Friendly security' is particularly featured, and other security devices are given a critical scrutiny.

Physical security; Alarm system requirements; Basic alarm systems; The control unit; Sensors; Space protectors; Sounding the alarm; Planning the system; Installing the system; Faults and false alarms; Gadgets and gimmicks; Watch out!; Standards for alarms; Sureguard alarm systems; Index