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J & P Transformer

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J & P Transformer

Martin Heathcote

ISBN 0750611588
Pages 976

The J&P Transformer Book, first published in 1925, is known throughout the world as the bible of the power transformer. The twelfth edition is the first revision in fifteen years, and a major re-write, offering more up-to-date and in-depth coverage than any other book.

New chapters include: Transformers associated with DC; Phase-shifting Transformers and quadrature boosters; Installation of transformers; Designing an installation.

The J & P Transformer Book is the essential reference work for engineers concerned with the design, installation, and maintenance of power transformers. It is also invaluable as a textbook for the architect and system planner as well as for the electrical engineering graduate and student.

Transformer theory; Design Fundamentals; Basic Materials; Transformer construction; Testing of transformers; Operation and maintenance; Special features of transformers for particular purposes; Transformer enquiries and tenders. Appendices: Transformer equivalent circuit; Geometry of the transformer phasor diagram; The transformer circle diagram; Transformer regulation; Symmetrical components in unbalanced three-phase systems; A symmetrical component study of earth faults in transformers in parallel; The use of finite element analysis in the calculation of leakage flux and dielectric stress distributions; List of National and International Standards relating to power transformers;List of principal CIGRE reports and papers relating to transformers; List of reports available from ERA Technology Ltd, formerly British Electrical and Allied Industries Research Association (ERA), relating to transformers and surge phenomena therein. Index.