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Welding and cutting

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Welding and cutting

P T Houldcroft, R John

ISBN 1 85573 578 4
Pages 232

An authoritative source of reference on every aspect of thermal welding and associated cutting processes. Each process is examined clearly and comprehensively from first principles through to more complex technical descriptions suited to those who need more technical information. Copiously illustrated throughout and with an extensive glossary of terms, this book is essential reading for welding and production engineers, metallurgists, designers, quality control engineers, distributors, students and all who are associated with the selection and application of equipment and consumables.

Background and scope; Principles of arc welding; Procedures for specific materials; Manual metal arc process; MIG processes; Cored wire welding; Submerged-arc and electro-slag processes; TIG and plasma arc processes; Gas welding and cutting; Welding and cutting with power beams; Robots for arc welding; Welding productivity; Health and safety.