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Flexible Pipes, Umbilicals and Marine Cables Conference 92

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Flexible Pipes, Umbilicals and Marine Cables Conference 92


ISBN 1 874612 04 8
Pages 390

Marine cables, umbilicals and flexible pipes are relatively complex multi-layered products which utilise a wide range of materials from thermosetting plastics, textiles and other man made fibres to metals and metallic alloys such as copper and steel. Due to the recent expansion in the telecommunication infrastructure, marine cables have extended their traditional methods of transmission of electrical signal and power distribution to include recent developments in optical fibre technology.
The objective of the conference was to provide a forum in which developments and problems in the design, manufacture, installation and operation of the flexible pipes, umbilicals and marine cables could be discussed.
The papers presented at the conference have been carefully chosen to cover the key issues raised by research and development in structural mechanics, service life predictions, inspection and design of marine cables, umbilicals and flexible pipe products.

Structural mechanics of marine cables and umbilicals in rotary bending test rigs; On the problems of Torque and twist in Cables; A method of modelling the detailed component and overall structural behaviour of flexible pipe sections; Updated methods for the determination of the service life of flexible risers; Fatigue of electrical conductors; Fatigue testing and theoretical studies of two 4 inch flexible pipes; Design life prediction of flexible riser systems; The integrity of flexible pipe - the search for an inspection strategy; Inspection tools for the service life assessment of a flexible riser, on installation; Design of umbilicals for maximum performance of electrical cables; A review of hydrodynamic and structural analysis techniques for flexible pipes; Structural damping in design analysis of flexible risers; Mechanical behaviour of the metallic elements of submarine cables as a function of cable loading; Design of a flexible flowline system from concept to detail; Considerations for jointing optical fibre submarine cable