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An Introduction to Offshore Engineering

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An Introduction to Offshore Engineering


ISBN 1 874612 21 8
Pages 330

Over the last five decades, traditional uses of the oceans have expanded to include the exploitation of hydrocarbons below the sea bed and the potential of large-scale mineral gathering and energy extraction. The development of offshore oil and gas production began in 1887 and has since progressed to most of the continental shelf areas of the world.
This handbook is aimed at giving readers that are unfamiliar with Offshore Engineering a thorough appreciation of the industry and its underlying technologies, beginning with an overview of the industry's evolution over the last twenty five years. This is followed by coverage of geological considerations, drilling, floating production, subsea developments, pipelines, topsides engineering, safety and process plant and equipment. The material is illustrated with many application examples.

Overview of Oil Field Development; The Geological Background; Drilling Technology; Floating Production Systems; Subsea Engineering and Pipelines; Topsides Engineering; Safety in Offshore Operations; Process Plant and Equipment