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Arc welding control

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Arc welding control

Pan Jiluan

ISBN 1 85573 687 X
Pages 624

This book examines recent developments in modern arc welding. The book is essentially divided into five main parts. The first part gives an account of the dynamic behaviour of the arc, its power sources and its effect on welding technology. Part 2 then goes on to describe ways of controlling the welding arc through modern electronics, covering unique and original methods. The third part looks at the prospects of the arc sensor for automatic seam tracking in arc welding, and establishes the first mathematical model of the sensor on the basis of control theory. Part 4 describes an original new method for measuring the welding temperature field using the image colorimetric method, and Part 5 gives a detailed account of the recognition method of 3-dimensional weld grooves. Arc welding control is essential reading for researchers, academics, students, technicians, engineers and other professionals currently involved in welding automation.

Part 1 Dynamic behaviour of arc welding: Theoretical analysis; Dynamic characteristics of power sources; Experimental study. Part 2 Welding arc control: Control method QH-ARC 101; Control method QH-ARC 102 and 103; Arc control CO2 welding and AC MIG welding. Part 3 Arc sensors and seam tracking: Sensors for weld-seam tracking; Mathematical models of arc sensors; Processing of arc sensor signals; An automatic seam-tracking machine with an arc sensor. Part 4 Real time measurement of welding temperature- field: Principles of the calorimetric imaging method; Study of the calorimetric imaging method; Design of a calorimetric imaging apparatus; Practical measurement and application. Part 5 Automatic path programming of robot: Vision systems and automatic path programming.