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I. Shiota, Y. Miyamoto

ISBN 0444825487
Pages 792

Since a formulated concept of functionally graded materials (FGMs) was proposed in 1984 as a means of preparing thermal barrier materials, a coordinated research has been developed since 1986. The 125 papers presented here present state of the art research results and developments on FGM from the past decade.

A wide spectra of topics are covered including design and modeling, fracture analysis, powder metallurgical processes, deposition and spray processes, reaction forming processes, novel processes, material evaluation for structural applications, organic and intelligent materials. Three reviews associated with national research programs on FGMs promoted in Japan and Germany, and the historical perspective of FGM research in Europe are presented as well.

The resulting work is recommended to researchers, engineers and graduate school students in the fields of materials science and engineering, mechanical and medical engineering.

Preface. General Topics. FGM research programs in Japan - from structural to functional uses (Y. Miyamoto, M. Niino, M. Koizumi). Research program on gradient materials in Germany (J. Rödel, A. Neubrand). Lessons learned in 7 years of FGM research at Lausanne (B. Ilschner) . PART I: STRUCTURAL MATERIALS . I.1 Design and Modeling (14 papers). I.2 Fracture Analysis (7 papers). I.3 Powder Metallurgical Process (11 papers). I.4 Deposition and Spray Process (9 papers). I.5 Reaction Forming Process (7 papers). I.6 Novel Process (10 papers). I.7 Material Evaluation (15 papers). PART II: ENERGY CONVERSION, ELECTRONIC AND ORGANIC MATERIALS . II.1 Thermoelectric Materials (27 papers). II.2 Thermionic Materials (7 papers). II.3 Electronic Materials (7 papers). II.4 Natural, Organic and Intelligent Materials (8 papers).