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Flexible Pipes, Umbilicals and Marine Cables Conference 95

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Flexible Pipes, Umbilicals and Marine Cables Conference 95

Various (edited by M H Patel and J A Witz)

ISBN 1 874612 24 2
Pages 310

The contribution of marine cables, umbilicals and flexible pipes to product performance is a complex combination of layer properties and their interaction. The second European conference on the subject, MARINFLEX 95, emphasises recent technical developments in structural mechanics, materials performance, design analysis and testing of these products. MARINFLEX 95 is a bound proceedings containing the papers presented at the conference.

Umbilicals and Risers; Application of Flexible Pipes; Design and Testing; Small Diameter Cable; Finite Element Modelling; Element Buckling; Helical Layers; Structural Damping; Thermoplastic Performance; Predicting Durability; Polymer Deformation; Safety Factors; Second Generation Analysis; Fibre Properties