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S. Tohmé, A. Casaca

ISBN 0444818340
Pages 432

The state-of-the-art of broadband communications - and its evolution - in both the public and private networks, is presented in this book. Particular consideration is given to the issues of switching, resource management, network control, communication services, testing, quality of service, traffic characteristics, traffic control and protocols. Invited papers further explore the fields of multimedia communication and traffic control, plus the introduction of ATM.

Preface. Committees. Referees. Application and Services. Invited Speaker : Video coding and network support for multimedia services over ATM networks (D. Beaumont). Provision of the broadband connectionless data bearer service in N-ISDN (M. Wenas, M. Theys). LANs interconnection via ATM: an experimental prototype (P. Camarda, P. Dello Russo, G. De Robertis, V. Minafra, V. Signore). Translation of user's QoS parameters into ATM performance requirements (D. Seret, J.-I. Jung). High time-resolution cell loss measurements of mixed CBR and VBR traffic (N. Björkman, A. Latour-Henner). On issues related to real-time applications support in the Orbit Gbps ring (J. Chen, R. Guerin). Protocols and Testing. Traffic control for best effort data communications in ATM networks: simulation comparison of alternative schemes (G. Bagnoli, M. Listanti, R. Winkler). A new selective repeat ARQ scheme for multicast communication (M. Aghadavoodi Jolfae, U. Quernheim). Performance evaluation of frame relay based on the packet trains model (M. Gagnaire, T. Uso). TRIBUNE: on the leading edge of broadband testing (J. Scarr, G. Bosveld, A. Doelman, J. de Bie). Implementation of an ATM network emulator (A. Alonso Hernan, L.A. Merayo Fernandez, L. Mola Morales, H. Salas Asencios). Switching. A growable folded ATM switching architecture (A. Jajszczyk). Performance analysis of an ATM switch based on a three-stage Clos interconnection network under non-uniform traffic patterns (A.-L. Beylot, I. Kohlenberg, M. Becker). Performance evaluation of the ATM ring-based switching architecture (T. Meuser, J. Wolsky). Traffic. Invited Speaker: Performance modelling and traffic engineering for broadband communication networks (P. Kuhn). A comparison of models for VBR video traffic sources in B-ISDN (O. Rose, M. Frater). Indices of dispersion and ATM traffic characterization (F. Guillemin, A. Dupuis). Analysis of usage parameter control algorithms for ATM networks (H. Clausen, P. Ryberg Jensen). Dimensioning a traffic control device in an ATM network (C. Rosenberg, G. Hebuterne). Resource Management and Network Control. An evaluation of burst-level bandwidth reservation methods in WAN environments (M. Yoshida, C. Ikeda, H. Suzuki). Bandwidth allocation by pricing in ATM networks (J. Murphy, L. Murphy). A congestion control framework for broadband ISDN using selective window control (K.-Q. Liao, L. Mason). The control of network resources for complex B-ISDN services (A. Paglialunga, L. Ronchetti, L. Faglia, S. Minzer). The management of a pan-european ATM network - the X interface (T. Barker, A. Macht. J. Johansen, I. Rodriguez, J. Rodrigues, J.V. Ruymbeke). Series: IFIP Transactions C: Communication Systems