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Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology,

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Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology,

Ghasem Najafpour

ISBN 0444528458
Pages 421

Extensive application of bioprocesses has generated an expansion in biotechnological knowledge, generated by the application of biochemical engineering to biotechnology. Microorganisms produce alcohols and acetone that are used in industrial processes. The knowledge related to industrial microbiology has been revolutionized by the ability of genetically engineered cells to make many new products. Genetic engineering and gene mounting has been developed to enhance industrial fermentation. Ultimately, these bioprocesses have become a new way of developing commercial products.

Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology demonstrates the application of biological sciences in engineering with theoretical and practical aspects to enhance understanding of knowledge in this field. The book adopts a practical approach, showing related case studies with original research data. It is an ideal text book for college and university courses, which guides students through the lectures in a clear and well-illustrated manner.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Industrial Microbiology Chapter 2: Dissolved Oxygen Measurement and Mixing Chapter 3: Gas and Liquid System (Aeration and Agitation) Chapter 4: Fermentation Process Control Chapter 5: Growth Kinetics Chapter 6: Bioreactor Design Chapter 7: Down Stream processing Chapter 8: Immobilization of Microbial Cells for the Production of Organic Acid and Ethanol Chapter 9: Material and Elemental Balance Chapter 10: Fermentation Products for Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Applications Chapter 11: Production of Antibiotics Chapter 12: Production of Citric Acid Chapter 13: Bioprocess Scale-up Chapter 14: Single Cell Protein Chapter 15: Sterilization Chapter 16: Membrane Separation Processes Chapter 17: Advance Downstream Processing in Biotechnology