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Bioprocessing for Value-Added Products from Renewable Resources ,

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Bioprocessing for Value-Added Products from Renewable Resources ,

Shang-Tian Yang

ISBN 0444521143
Pages 670

Chapter 1. Bioprocessing - from biotechnology to biorefinery (Shang-Tian Yang). I. Enabling Technologies: Chapter 2. Applications of genomics and proteomic data for bioprocess analysis and optimization (An-Ping Zeng et al .). Chapter 3. Directed evolution tools in bioproduct and bioprocess development (S.B. Rubin-Pitel et al .). Chapter 4. Metabolic engineering: applications, methods, and challenges (S.T. Yang et al .). Chapter 5. Amylase and cellulase structure and function (P. Reiley). Chapter 6. Bioreactor engineering (Si-Jing Wang, Jian-Jiang Zhong). Chapter 7. Membranes for bioseparations (Chia-Chi Ho). II. Cultures for Bioprocessing: Chapter 8. Bacterial and yeast cultures ???process characteristics, products, and applications (Wei-Cho Huang, I-Ching Tang). Chapter 9. Filamentous fungal cultures ???process characteristics, products, and applications (Hesham El-Anshasy). Chapter 10. Plant cell and hairy-root cultures ???process characteristics, products, and applications (Winston Su, Kung-Ta Lee). Chapter 11. Production of high-value products by the marine microalgae thraustochytrids (King Wai Fan, Feng Chen). III. Unconventional and Novel Bioprocesses: Chapter 12. Nonconventional biocatalysis for production of chemicals and polymers from biomass (Ping Wang). Chapter 13. Biocatalysis for chiral synthesis (Hyun-Dong Shin et al .). Chapter 14. Immobilized cell fermentation for production of chemicals and fuels (Ying Zhu). Chapter 15. Water-in-oil cultivation technology for viscous xanthan gum fermentation (Lu-Kwang Ju). Chapter 16. Extractive fermentation for carboxylic acids production (Shang-Tian Yang et al .). Chapter 17. Fungal fermentation for medicinal products (Chin-Han Shu). Chapter 18. Solid state fermentation and its applications (Liping Wang, Shang-Tian Yang). Chapter 19. Algal photobioreactor for production of lutein and zeaxanthin (Attaya Wasanasathian and Ching-An Peng). Chapter 20. Power-generation from biorenewable resources: biocatalysis in biofuel cells (Ping Wang, Hongfei Jia). Chapter 21. Biological Production of hydrogen from renewable resources (Zhinan Xu). IV. Feedstock Utilization: Chapter 22. Bioconversion of whey lactose into microbial exopolysaccharides (Y. Martin Lo et al .). Chapter 23. Microbial production of bioplastics from renewable resources (Jian Yu). Chapter 24. Industrial applications for plant-based oils and lipids (B. Tao). Chapter 25. Value-added products from animal manure (Z. Wen et al .).