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Flexible Pipes, Umbilicals and Marine Cables Conference 99

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Flexible Pipes, Umbilicals and Marine Cables Conference 99

Various (edited by J A Witz)

ISBN 1 874612 29 3
Pages 265

Marinflex 99 is the third European Conference on Flexible Pipes, Umbilicals and Marine Cables - Materials Utilisation for Cyclic and Thermal Loading. This volume of the proceedings of Marinflex 99 contains the papers presented at the conference. The event focused on materials utilisation for cyclic and thermal loading where Marinflex 99 continues in its well established tradition of offering a forum for designers and researchers. The key technical areas captured in this volume include structural mechanics for cyclic and thermal loading, methodologies for detailed design, materials behaviour for pipe and connector performance and developments for deep water applications.

Introduction; Fretting Fatigue of Flexible Pipe Pressure Armour; Integrity Management of Dynamic Flexible Risers - A Critical Review of the Present Industry Status; Calibrated Analysis Methods for Stress and Service Life of Flexible Pipes; Design Methodology for LNG Flexible Hose; Analysis Procedures for Design Verification of Flexible Risers and Umbilicals; A Finite Element Model for Predicting Longitudinal Stresses in Nonbonded Flexible Pipe Pressure Armours; Simulation of Thermal Loading, Thermal Response and Mechanical Response of Flexible Risers; Polymer Performance and Time Dependent Mechanisms for Flexible Pipe Applications at Elevated Temperature; PVDF Qualification for Flexible Pipe; Qualification of a 15-inch ID Flexible Riser for Export Oil and Gas Service