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Welding symbols on drawings

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Welding symbols on drawings

E N Gregory, A A Armstrong

ISBN 1 85573 589 X
Pages 72

This contemporary book provides an up-to-date review on the application of ISO and AWS standards and a comparison between them. Many thousands of engineering drawings are currently in use, which have symbols and methods of representation from superseded standards. The current European and ISO standards and the American standard are substantially similar, but the ANSI/AWS standard includes some additional symbols and also symbols for non-destructive testing. Although symbols in the different standards are similar, the arrows showing locations of welds are different, these important differences are explained. ISO contains limited information on brazed or soldered joints these are covered in ANSI/AWS. Some examples of the application of welding symbols are also included.

The standards; Scope; Terminology; The need to specify welds; The advantages of symbols; The advantages of symbols; The advantages of symbols; Welding symbols: butt/groove welds; Welding symbols: fillet weld; Location of symbols 2: fillet welds; Supplementary symbols; Dimensions 1: Butt/groove welds; Dimensions 2: Fillet welds, transverse; Dimensions 3: Fillet welds, longitudinal; Spot and seam welds; Stud welds; Surfacing; Process identification; Nondestructive testing symbols, AWS; Exercises in the use of symbols; Terms and definitions for welding symbols.