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Jack-Up Platforms Conference 93

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Jack-Up Platforms Conference 93


ISBN 1 874612 11 0

The first International Conference on Jack-Up Platforms in 1985 represented a landmark in the presentation of relevant technical material for such structures. Much has happened within the oil and gas industry since then but there is a continuing need to develop the technology of Jack-Up platforms for deeper waters and more demanding exploration and production duties. This volume contains the latest technical developments presented at the Fifth International Conference on the subject. This annual event is now established as the premier international venue for experts and practising professionals, where structural issues arising from Jack-Up deployment in deeper waters and harsher environments form a principal theme.

Jack-Up in Perspective; Evaluating Jack-Up Dynamic Response Using Frequency Domain Methods and the Inertial Load Set Technique; Non-linear Dynamic Behaviour of Jack-Up Platform; Failure Probability of a Jack-Up Under Environmental Loading in the Central North Sea; Results of a Jack-Up Measurement Programme in the North Sea and their Comparison with the Structural Analysis; Structural Effects of Foundation Fixity on a Large Jack-Up; The Static Strength and Behaviour of Joints in Jack-Up Rigs; Skirted Spudcans - Extending Operational Depth and Improving Performance; Flexible Membrane Supports for Jack-Up Rigs