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T. Chakraborty, F. Peeters, U. Sivan

ISBN 0444509933
Pages 362

This book is a collection of some of the invited talks presented at the international meeting held at the Max Planck Institut fuer Physik Komplexer Systeme, Dresden, Germany during August 6-30, 2001, on the rapidly developing field of nanoscale science in science and bio-electronics Semiconductor physics has experienced unprecedented developments over the second half of the twentieth century. The exponential growth in microelectronic processing power and the size of dynamic memorie has been achieved by significant downscaling of the minimum feature size. Smaller feature sizes result in increased functional density, faster speed, and lower costs. In this process one is reaching the limits where quantum effects and fluctuations are beginning to play an important role.
This book reflects the achievements of the present times and future directions of research on nanoscopic dimensions.

Preface. 1. Electronic states and transport in carbon nanotubes (T. Ando). 2. Vertical diatomic artificial quantum dot molecules (D.G. Austing et al. ). 3. Optical spectroscopy of self-assembled quantum dots (D. Mowbray, J. Finley). 4. Generation of single photons using semiconductor quantum dots (A.J. Shields et al. ) 5. Spin, spin-orbit, and electron-electron interactions in mesoscopic systems (Y. Oreg et al. ). 6. Kondo effect in quantum dots with an even number of electrons (M. Eto). 7. From single dots to interacting arrays (V. Gudmundsson et al. ). 8. Quantum dots in a strong magnetic field: Quasi classical consideration (A. Matulis). 9. Micro-Hall-magnetometry (M. Rahm, J. Biberger, D. Weiss). 10. Stochastic optimization methods for biomolecular structure prediction (T. Herges, H. Merlitz, W. Wenzel). 11. Electrical transport through a molecular nanojunction (M. Hettler, H. Scholler, W. Wenzel). 12. Single metalloproteins at work: Towards a single-protein transistor (P. Facci) 13. Towards synthetic evolution of nanostructures (H. Lipson). Subject Index