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Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students

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Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students

T.H.G. Megson

ISBN 0340705884
Pages 608

'Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students' provides a completely self contained course in aircraft structures, which includes discussion on the fundamentals of elasticity and aircraft structural analysis, as well as the associated topics of airworthiness and aeroelasticity. Although much of the basic material is timeless, the author has updated the text throughout, including new material on areas that have developed since the last edition - in both educational and technological terms. As well as extensive revisions, the new edition includes a solutions manual for all end of chapter problems to accompany the text.

The expansion of aviation makes aircraft structures an increasingly important topic at undergraduate level. Since its original publication in 1972, this book has become the 'bible' for aircraft structures.

Part 1: Elasticity Basic elasticity Two-dimensional problems in elasticity Torsion of solid sections Energy methods of structural analysis Bending of thin plates Structural instability Part 2: Aircraft structures Principles of stressed skin construction Airworthiness and airframe loads Bending, shear and torsion of open and closed, thin-walled beams Stress analysis of aircraft components Structural constraint Matrix methods of structural analysis Elementary aeroelasticity.