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Developments in marine corrosion

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Developments in marine corrosion

Edited by S A Campbell, N Campbell, F C Walsh

ISBN 1 85573 825 2
Pages 200

The diversity of subjects involved in marine corrosion and fouling processes are evident in the approaches and techniques described in this book. An improvized understanding of biologically influenced corrosion and fouling processes is essential to the development of better corrosion protection systems, and this book shows new perspectives in our appreciation of these subjects. Equally, powerful microscope imaging, surface spectroscopy and electrochemical techniques have become available and are providing new information on metal surfaces experiencing fouling or microbial corrosion. Examples include confocal laser microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy, scanning electrochemical microscopy and scanning (or vibrating) reference electrode techniques. Advances in knowledge of biocorrosion processes have enabled improvements in corrosion monitoring and protection strategies. Examples include metal or polymer coatings and the use of corrosion inhibitors and biocides. This book aims to provide a contribution to existing literature on biocorrosion in the marine environment.

Biocorrosion and microbiological influenced corrosion; Metal corrosion; Established and novel methodologies for corrosion monitoring; Corrosion inhibitors and protective coatings.