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Carpentry and Joinery: Bench and Site Skills

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Carpentry and Joinery: Bench and Site Skills

Brian Porter, Reg Rose

ISBN 0340645288
Pages 320

Brian Porter and Reg Rose's book is the definitive reference for the NVQ courses in Carpentry and Joinery, and Bench Joinery, at levels 2 and 3. It sets out the fundamental knowledge and basic methods which recur throughout the courses. As a one-stop, practically-oriented reference, this manual is invaluable to the student and the resource centre.

Foreword; Timber; Manufactured boards and panel products; Enemies of wood and wood-based products; Wood preservation and protection; Hand tools and workshop/site procedures; Setting-out tools and procedures for site; Joints; Portable powered hand tools; Basic woodworking machines; Wood adhesives; Fixing devices; Drawn, spoken and written information; Calculations; Planning and organising work; Index.