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Foundations of Helicopter Flight

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Foundations of Helicopter Flight


ISBN 0340587024
Pages 320

The unique design problems which helicopters produce are many and complex. Through practical examples and illustrated case studies, supported by all the relevant theory, this primer text provides an accessible introduction which guides the reader through the theory, design, construction and operation of helicopters. Fundamental performance and control equations are developed, from which the book explores the rotor aerodynamic and dynamic characteristics of helicopters. Example calculations and performance predictions, reflecting current practice, show how to assess the feasibility of a design.

Preface Abbreviations Introduction Rotocraft configurations The rotor in hover The rotor in axial flight - climb and descent The rotor in forward flight Dynamics of the rotor Autorotative performance Blade dynamics Helicopter trim Vibration and its transmission Tail rotors Ground resonance Rotor speed governing Methods of calculating helicopter power, fuel consumption and mission performance Epilogue - the windmill References Bibliography Index.