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Finances for Engineering Companies

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Finances for Engineering Companies

Prof.A.J. Reynolds

ISBN 0340568283
Pages 176

Students from all engineering disciplines, as well as professional engineers, need to understand company finance in order to work effectively within commercial organisations. Corporate finance is therefore an essential aspect of the education of every engineer.

Written by an engineer, this innovative book provides a course in company finance, illustrated with numerous case studies of well-known engineering companies - including Rolls Royce, ICI, British Aerospace, Ferranti, Ford, Glaxo, GEC, British Steel, PowerGen and others. General principles are related to the affairs of specific companies, thus giving an effective overview for the busy engineer.

What is this book about? What we want to do, and how The financial statements Profit and loss Assets and liabilities Dealing with shares and stocks Capital structure - equity or loans? The grim reaper - taxation Analysis of accounts What next? Further reading Index.