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The Chemical Bond

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The Chemical Bond

Ahmed Zewail

ISBN 0127796207
Pages 313

This inspired book by some of the most influential scientists of our time--including six Nobel laureates--chronicles our emerging understanding of the chemical bond through the last nine decades and into the future. From Pauling's early structural work using x-ray and electron diffraction to Zewail's femtosecond lasers that probe molecular dynamics in real time; from Crick's molecular biology to Rich's molecular recognition, this book explores a rich tradition of scientific heritage and accomplishment. The perspectives given by Pauling, Perutz, Rich, Crick, Porter, Polanyi, Herschbach, Zewail, and Bernstein celebrate major scientific achievements in chemistry and biology with the chemical bond playing a fundamental role. In a unique presentation that also provides some lively insights into the very nature of scientific thought and discovery, The Chemical Bond: Structure and Dynamics will be of general interest to scientists, science historians, and the scientifically inclined populous.

Structure: L. Pauling, X-Ray Crystallography and the Nature of the Chemical Bond. M.F. Perutz, The Significance of the Hydrogen Bond in Physiology. A. Rich, Molecular Recognition between Protein and Nucleic Acids. F. Crick, The Impact of Linus Pauling on Molecular Biology: A Reminiscence. L. Pauling, How I Became Interested in the Chemical Bond: A Reminiscence. Dynamics: G. Porter, Chemistry in Microtime. J.C. Polanyi, The Transition State. D.R. Herschbach, Chemical Reaction Dynamics and Electronic Structure. A. Zewail and R. Bernstein, Real-Time Laser Femtochemistry: Viewing the Transition from Reagents to Products. Biographies. Index.