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Introduction To Information Optics

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Introduction To Information Optics

Francis Yu, Suganda Jutamulia, Shizuhuo Yin

ISBN 0127748113
Pages 734

While there are books treating individual topics contained in this book, this will be the first single volume providing a cohesive treatment on this subject as a whole. This goes beyond optical communications in that it includes related topics such as sensing, displays, computing, and data storage.

1. Entropy Information and Optics 2. Signal Processing with Optics 3. Communication with Optics 4. Switching with Optics 5. Transformation with Optics 6. Interconnection with Optics 7. Pattern Recognition with Optics 8. Information Storage with Optics 9. Computing with Optics 10. Sensing with Optics 11. Information Display with Optics 12. Networking with Optics Index