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ATM Transport and Network Integrity

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ATM Transport and Network Integrity

Theodore Wu, Noriaki Yoshikai

ISBN 0127655581
Pages 349

This book will help network engineers take better advantage of ATM technology for their transport network planning. ATM Transport and Network Integrity offers useful information for network planners to design and evolve cost-effective networks. The book focuses on methods of network design to ensure proper network function under stress, such as congestion or failure. ATM Transport and Network Integrity discusses the most efficient methods of support for broadband service and control transport in high-speed transport networks, network services, and transport architectures and control and management. It covers in detail the differences between ATM and STM transport and how these differences affect transportnetwork planning and engineering.

Broadband Network Infrastructure: Introduction. Business Drivers for ATM. Existing Telecommunications Network Infrastructure and Potential Limitations. Broadband Integrated Service Network Infrastructure. Broadband Signaling Transport Networks. ATM Traffic Management. Broadband Transport Network Restoration. Standards Progress and ATM Network Deployment. Summary and Challenges. SONET/SDH Transport and Network Integrity: Introduction. SONET/SDH Technology Overview. SONET Versus SDH. SONET Network Architecture and Systems. SONET Network Integrity. SONET Automatic Protection Switching System (APS). SONET Self-Healing Rings. SONET/DCS Reconfigurable Mesh Networks. SONET Network Architectures Interworking. SONET Network Deployment and Standard Status. ATM Transport Networks: Introduction. ATM Technology Overview. ATM Technology Impacts on Broadband Transport Infrastructure. ATM Transport Network Architectures. Broadband Transport Network Evolution. ATM Development and Deployment. ATM Signaling Networks: Introduction. Existing Signaling Networks. Broadband Signaling Requirements and Design Impacts. Broadband Signaling Transport for Public Networks. Signaling for Broadband Enterprise Networks. Transport Layer Signaling: RSVP. Summary and Challenges. ATM Network Traffic Management: Overview of ATM Network Traffic Management. Service Class and Quality of Service. ATM Layer Quality of Service (QoS). Traffic Characteristics and Declaration. OAM Flow for Traffic Management. ATM Network Traffic Control. ATM Network Congestion Control. Traffic Management Options and Time Scale. ATM Protection Switching: Introduction. ATM Role on Broadband Network Survivability. Key Design Issues on ATM Protection Switching. APS for SONET-based ATM Networks. ATM Self-Healing Rings. ATM Self-Healing Mesh Networks: Introduction. Potential Role of ATM on Self-Healing Networks. ATM Self-Healing Network Architectures. Reliable Control Message Transfer for Restoration. Self-Healing Switching Systems. Backup VP Assignment and Spare Capacity Design and Analysis for ATM Self-Healing Networks. ATM VP-Trace Method. Multi-Layer B-ISDN Self-Healing Networks. Subject Index.