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Fractal Geometry in Digital Imaging

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Fractal Geometry in Digital Imaging

Martin Turner, Jonathan Blackledge, Patrick Andrews

ISBN 0127039708
Pages 328

This book presents the analysis of textured images using fractal geometry, and discusses its application to imaging science and computer vision when modeling natural objects. The authors explore the methods which can be used to simulate, analyze, and interpret coherent images, and demonstrate a new approach which segments each image into regions of similarity that can be characterized by a random fractal with a given fractal dimension.
Fractal Geometry in Digital Imaging is based on a research project, but has been written with a broad coverage and user friendly math to make the book accessible to a wider audience. It includes real world experiences and applications using the techniques described.

Preface. Contents. Notation and Glossary. Introduction. Fractal Geometry: Fractal and Texture Analysis. Description of Fractal Geometry. Random Scaling Fractals. Fractals to Segment Images: Object Segmentation. Fractal Segmentation. Machine Vision. Fractals to Create Images: Random Noise Image Creation. Lindermayer Systems. Images to Create Fractals: Image Representation. Fractal Image Compression.