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Catenary Moorings Design Manual

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Catenary Moorings Design Manual

D T Brown and G J Lyons

ISBN 1 874612 19 6
Pages 380

Catenary Moorings Design Manual form an essential element of floating offshore vessels carrying out drilling, production and related activities. Adequate design of such moorings is necessary both for low down-time due to riser disconnection and for remaining on station in survival waves.
This Design Manual has been prepared as a single source of basic mooring line data, the equations governing environmental loading and catenary lines together with the design procedures and computer programs required to carry out preliminary design and evaluation of catenary moorings. The manual is also written to be a reference book or to assist in conversion and training of existing and new staff.

Introduction; Mooring system product and general information; Catenary moored floating vessels; Environmental forces on moored vessels; Mooring line quasi static analysis; Single line broken condition; Dynamic analysis of mooring lines; Testing for catenary mooring line performance; Failure modes and in-service monitoring; Thruster assisted mooring systems; Application study