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Fatigue strength of welded structures

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Fatigue strength of welded structures

S J Maddox

ISBN 1 85573 013 8
Pages 160

Part 1 of the book provides a concise description of the fatigue behaviour of welded joints and factors which influence their fatigue lives. Part 2 concentrates on fatigue design methods, including the background and application of the design rules which have become the basis of all the modern UK, and some International, rules.

Part 1 Welded joints under fatigue loading: Fatigue failure; Significant features of welds in relation to fatigue; Factors which affect fatigue of welded joints; Fatigue of welded joints; Conclusions. Part 2 Design rules: Fatigue design rules for welded steel joints; Stresses used with the fatigue design rules; Significance of weld imperfections; Improving the fatigue strength of welded joints; Typical service failures.