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Neural Networks for Robotics

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Neural Networks for Robotics

Omid Omidvar, Patrickvander Smagt

ISBN 0125262809
Pages 346

Neural Systems for Robotics represents the most up-to-date developments in the rapidly growing aplication area of neural networks, which is one of the hottest application areas for neural networks technology. The book not only contains a comprehensive study of neurocontrollers in complex Robotics systems, written by highly respected researchers in the field but outlines a novel approach to solving Robotics problems. The importance of neural networks in all aspects of Robot arm manipulators, neurocontrol, and Robotic systems is also given thorough and in-depth coverage. All researchers and students dealing with Robotics will find Neural Systems for Robotics of immense interest and assistance.

I.E. Dror, M. Zagaeski, D. Rios and C.F. Moss, Neural Network Sonar as a Perceptual Modality for Robotics. W.T. Miller III and A.L. Kun, Dynamic Balance of a Biped Walking Robot. P. van der Smagt and F. Groen, Visual Feedback in Motion. D. DeMers and K. Kreutz-Delgado, Inverse Kinematics of Dextrous Manipulators. Y. Jin, T. Pipe and A. Winfield, Stable Manipulator Trajectory Control Using Neural Networks. P. Gaudiano, F.H. Guenther and E. Zalama, The Neural Dynamics Approach to Sensory-Motor Control. A. Buhlmeier and G. Maneuffel, Operant Conditioning in Robots. B. Hallam, J. Hallam and G. Hayes, A Dynamic Net for Robot Control. Ben Krise and J. van Dam, Neural Vehicles. J. Heikkonen and P. Koikkalainen, Self-Organization and Autonomous Robots.