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Binary Digital Image Processing

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Binary Digital Image Processing

Stéphane Marchand-Maillet, Yazid Sharaiha

ISBN 0124705057
Pages 368

This book is aimed at faculty, postgraduate students and industry specialists. It is both a text reference and a textbook that reviews and analyses the research output in this field of binary image processing. It is aimed at both advanced researchers as well as educating the novice to this area. The theoretical part of this book includes the basic principles required for binary digital image analysis. The practical part which will take an algorithmic approach addresses problems which find applications beyond binary digital line image processing.
The book first outlines the theoretical framework underpinning the study of digital image processing with particular reference to those needed for line image processing. The theoretical tools in the first part of the book set the stage for the second and third parts, where low-level binary image processing is addressed and then intermediate level processing of binary line images is studied. The book concludes with some practical applications of this work by reviewing some industrial and software applications (engineering drawing storage and primitive extraction, fingerprint compression).

Foreword. Acknowledgements. Notation. Preface. Digital topology. Discrete geometry. Algorithmic graph theory. Acquisition and storage. Distance transformations. Binary digital image characteristics. Image thinning. Some applications. References. Index.