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The Acoustic Bubble,

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The Acoustic Bubble,

T. Leighton

ISBN 0124419216
Pages 613

'This volume deals with the interaction of acoustic fields with bubbles in liquids, with emphasis on the principles of cavitation--the generation of bubbles in liquids by rapid changes, such as those introduced by ultrasound. When cavity bubbles implode they produce shock waves in the liquid. If cavitation is induced by turbulent flow, components can be damaged. These phenomena have important implications, particularly in underwater acoustics, one of the fastest growing fields in acoustics research. The Acoustic Bubble skillfully explains the physical processes involved in cavitation both by analogy and formulation, making the concepts accessible to those with a minimal background in mathematics. This book willbe of great interest to those engaged in research in a wide range of areas, from sonochemistry to the sensitization of explosives.

The Sound Field: The Acoustic Wave. Practical Ultrasonic Fields. Cavitation Inception and Fluid Dynamics: The Bubble. Fluid Dynamics. The Translating Bubble. The Freely-Oscillating Bubble: The Unforced Oscillator. The Pulsating, Spherical Bubble. The Radiating Spherical Bubble. Damping. Experimental Investigations of Bubble Injection. Nonspherical Bubble Oscillations. Bubble Entertainment in the Natural World. Oceanic Bubbles. The Forced Bubble: The Forced Linear Oscillator. Nonlinear Equations of Motion for the Spherical Pulsating Bubble. Transient Cavitation. Stable Cavitation. Effects and Mechanisms: Bubble Detection. Sonoluminescence. The Enhancement of Cavitation by Acoustic Pulsing and SampleRotation. Acoustic Cavitation: Effects on the Local Environment. Chapter References. Index.