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Mechanical evaluation strategies for plastics

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Mechanical evaluation strategies for plastics

D R Moore, S Turner

ISBN 1 85573 379 X
Pages 200

Thermoplastics, being non-linear viscoelastic, impose constraints on testing which are absent in elastic and plastic materials. End products manufactured from them are often anisotropic, complicating the relationships between laboratory test data and service performance. This new book explains recently developed testing strategies for providing service-pertinent data within a limited budget. It relates the structure of the tests and the functions that they serve to the intrinsic nature of the mechanical properties of thermoplastic materials.

General comments on modulus, ductility, stiffness and toughness; General principles of modulus and stiffness; Modulus from constant deformation rate tests; Modulus from sinusoidal excitation tests; Modulus from step-function excitation tests; Modulus and stiffness anisotropy; General principles of strength, ductility and toughness; Strength and ductility from constant deformation rate tests; Strength and ductility from step function and cyclic excitations; Ductility assessment from impulse excitations.