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Riser and Mooring Systems - Life Cycle Design for Integrity

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Riser and Mooring Systems - Life Cycle Design for Integrity


ISBN 1 874612 27 7
Pages 245

This handbook has been authored by highly experienced experts and is aimed primarily at engineers who wish to become more proficient in riser/mooring life cycle design together with procurement, installation and operation.
Due to the nature of subsea architecture there is an increasing requirement for integrated structural design for the entire life cycle of the system. The contents of this handbook address these issues and provides general guidelines for the design of flexible pipe. The contents also deal with both integrated and global mooring and riser behaviour as well as deep water mooring considerations. The handbook then goes on to introduce the reader to the fundamentals of riser and umbilical local structural behaviour, failure modes and service life prediction.

Flexible Pipes and Umbilicals - Lead Manufacturers Overview; Global Mooring and Riser Behaviour; Integrated Mooring and Riser System Design; Deep Water Considerations; Fundamentals of Riser/Umbilical Local Structural Behaviour, Failure Modes and Service Life Prediction