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Flammability testing of materials used in construction, transport and mining

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Flammability testing of materials used in construction, transport and mining

V Apte

ISBN 1 85573 935 6
Pages 560

This authorative reference work provides a comprehensive source of reference for regulators, researchers and all those concerned with the flammability testing of materials over three industrial sectors: construction, transport and mining. The book uses practical application via the careful selection of case studies with an overall emphasis on specific types of tests that are widely accepted and internationally practised in a variety of applications. This book will be particularly welcome in simplifying the difficult and often confusing area of national regulations and fire test procedures.

Understanding materials flammability; Fundamental measurement techniques. Part 1 Flammability tests for buildings and their contents: Flammability of wood products; Flammability tests for external cladding on buildings; Fire hazard assessment of wall and ceiling fire spread in rooms; Fire behaviour of sandwich panels; Flammability tests for upholstered furniture and mattresses; Flammability tests for cables; Flammability tests for electrical appliances. Part 2 Other kinds of flammability test: Flammability tests for railway passenger cars; Fire testing in road and rail tunnels; Flammability tests for aircraft; Flammability testing in the mining sector.