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Graphics Gems IV (IBM Edition)

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Graphics Gems IV (IBM Edition)

Paul Heckbert

ISBN 0123361559
Pages 575


Graphics Gems IV is the newest volume in the Graphics Gems series. All of the books in the series contain practical solutions for graphics problems using the latest techniques in the field. The books in this series have become essential, time saving tools
for many programmers. Volume IV is a collection of carefully crafted gems which are all new and innovative. All of the gems are immediately accessible and useful in formulating clean, fast, and elegant programs. The C programming language has been used for most of the program listings, although several of the gems have C++ implementations. *IBM version Includes one 3 1/2' high-density disk. System Requirements: 286 or higher IBM PC compatible, DOS 4.0 or higher

Geometry - Transformations - Polyhedra - Polygons - Curves - Surfaces - Shading - Ray Tracing - General Rendering - Color - Image Processing - General Graphics Series: Graphics Gems - IBM