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Advanced Offshore Engineering

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Advanced Offshore Engineering


ISBN 1 874612 14 5
Pages 510

This handbook presents a collection of lecture notes from an expert panel of authors. Eleven chapters provide an in-depth treatment of the hydrodynamics and structural response of floating and fixed offshore structures. The latest analyses and techniques in this area are described together with descriptions of how these are used in the design and assessment of the current generation of offshore production platforms.
The wide range of subject areas within ocean engineering has posed problems in making the material available to offshore engineers because most existing books are written within traditional discipline boundaries. Teaching material in ocean engineering is, therefore, distributed between many text books and research papers. This book provides a remedy to the situation by presenting an integrated treatment of the main subject areas that contribute to design, construction, installation and operation of fixed and floating offshore structures

Current and Emerging Offshore Technologies; Structural Response; Hydrostatics of Floating Bodies; Gravity Wave Theories; Fluid Loading on Offshore Structures; Dynamic Response to Waves; Tensioned Buoyant Platforms; Articulated Structures; Vertical Risers; Catenary Mooring Systems